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- provide quoting for page name in generated adp files

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- don't append $search_package_id to param when it is empty

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- remove apparently dead code

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- remove parens from build_query, since handling is broken (e.g. "unimplemented ( 5.5.1 )") and it's not clear what the intended sematics are

- improve checking of category ids

- moderinze tcl: use namespaced variables instead of "global" command

- provide nicer error messages when resolve_page raises an error

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- no reason to generate a warning, when a callback is not defined

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- handle empty query parameter

- fix dollar escaping as indicated by Tony Kirkham in the OpenACS Development forum

- add new utility-function for en/decoding the "path" part using the url-encding scheme as define in RFC 3986. The functions are defined as stubs for backward compatibility for aolserver, since aolserver uses always the same encoding

- use ad_urlencode_path in file-storage where necessary

- some cleanup

Recognize @param and @see

Include parameter documentation and "see references", if available.

Allow for setting ad_form's mode

The default behaviour did not change, but one can now set ad_form's mode

to "display", which is used by some applications.

- update in "reparent" the acs_objects entry of the child-rel (mostly context_id); many thanks to guenter ernst for the snippet.

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- fix logic for negative numbers

- fix type of argument

- don't produce hard errors, when folder_id is not a valid number. The validator of the page_contract is called before the type of the query variables are checked. The db-query in the validator raised the hard sql error rather the intended error message

- fix for bug #3225: make sure the result list of ad_parse_html_attributes_upvar is a well-formed list

Remove broken check for empty folder name.

A previous change in this line prevented one from instantiating applications

via this UI. However, the check for an empty value is obsolete anyhow...

- patch for a subtle difference between aolserver and Naviserver in the handling of "--" (nonpos parameter terminator)

- undo previous secure-cookie change since it interacts badly in situations where "RestrictLoginToSSLP" is "1" and https is available: In such cases, e.g. the login page is redirected from a http (insecure) url to an https (secure) page. But when later continuing on the http connection, the user appears to be not logged in, since a well-behaved browser does not send the "secure" login coockie over the insecure connection.

- white space changes: replace tabs by spaces

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- replace "global" statement by variables with namespace paths

- move deprecated procs to file with deprecated functions

- setting login-cookie to "secure" when set over secure connection

- just set secure flag for secure connections

- use signed cookie for session_id

- new package-level method "reparent" to move pages around

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- fix typo

- use consistently "naturalnum" instead of "integer" when accepting just positive values

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