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- update release dates in .info files to make it easier to spot, what old versions are installed

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- .info file updated via acs-admin/apm/

- bump version number to allow for upgrading fixed locale

- require for all packages in oacs-5-8 branch acs-kernel 5.8.0

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- we can't get rid of "cd", since sourced sql-files include as well files with relative paths

- fix half-baken dollar quoting

- protect name of includelet, when it is includet via adp-template

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- fix schema browser such it does not spit out errors on openacs.org

- added sanity check: decimal point must be different from the thousands

separators. This test should be really either in regression

testing or be formulated as constraint after changing the

message keys. However, since a violation can lead to incorrect

results, the safety check is here as well.

- set "ad_conn peeraddr" to the value of "X-Forwarded-For" only in ReverseProxyMode

- added documentation of release steps (work in progress)

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- windows changes

- change widget from "allhtml" to "html" on (potential) non-admin pages (thanks to Frank Bergmann for the suggestion)

- fix number localization for italian

- bump version number to 5.8.0

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- release annoucement for 5.8.0 (many thanks to Brian Fenton!)

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file Announce-OpenACS-5.8.0 was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.

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- updated ChangeLog

- don't produce hard error in case no reports are there

- no need for separate code for AOLServer/NaviServer

update acs-admin cache page to work with both naviserver and aolserver

provide package_id to cr_import_content calls within fs::add procs so that objects reflect the package they are created in

Adding config parameter ReverseProxyMode in order to let know openacs that it runs behind a proxy that handles encrypted connections and that it should always use the https protocol.

Removing emacs backup file.

Getting rid of last calls to deprecated ad_table. Instead using the list-builder. There is still one call to ad_table within acs-subsite but this page is not linked from anywhere anymore ( probably we remove it later ).

regsub empty parens from search query - tsearch doesn't like 'em

ppthtml is now catppt, part of catdoc package on most distros

catch mime initialization when processing incoming messages so corrupted messages don't blow up queue sweeper run

don't qoute boolean vars when initializing tinymce init params

if processing of email message causes an error, keep it locked to prevent repeated attempts by sweeper and memory leakage