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bug 1978 - making a note about upload time

fixing the rest of 2053 - dates in the list view of the full calendar

2057 for oracle

2057 for oracle


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fix from Sloan: store attachments in user's shared files folder instead of in the community's file-storage, where they often don't have write privs and there's no good place to put them anyway

coalescing file size

Fixing another mistake in the 2055 bug fix (Oracle and PG are on two

different servers thus I had to commit to test)

Oops fixed typo in previous commit

Fixed bug #2055 by moving as much of the code into db-independent Tcl API

as is possible at the moment.

Bumped version number so my upgrade file will be seen.

Bug 2058

file upgrade-5.1.2d4-5.1.2d5.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Fixed a typo in one of the cr_item__new procs

Use localized folder names to find built-in folders during clone.

Fixes bug#2058.

Use cr_items.name when creating zip of folder.

Fixes bug#2059, fix from Gary Roesler.

Full fix for bug #2038, now you can add static portlets anytime, and will be added to already created portals for users, classes, etc

Workaround acs-content-repository merging of namespaces.

More updates from Natalia Perez <nperper@it.uc3m.es>

fixing bug in referenced columns

fixing bugs on column tables

FIxed bug #2053

Call file_storage__delete_folder on folder_delete. Add

Folder notification. Fixes bug#2057.

bug - deleting a post with a detachment

commit for matthewg for adding his contacts package

formatting the forums message

fixing formating options. Later, will be upgrading the whole forum package with Jeff's new Concord code and will have the HTML widget

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Clean unnecessary triggers from uprade script. They don't need to be


Fix name/title upgrade. Load the entire oracle pl/sql package instead of

re-sourceing package create.sql

file upgrade-5.1.0a6-5.1.0a7.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.