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Manually added patches 332,333,334 for bugs 1628,1629,1630 by Brad Duell

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Patch 336 for Bug 1636 by Dave Bauer

Patch 324 for Bug 1504 by Cathy Sarisky

Re-added fixes that didn't get merged in from 4.5

1) bboard-procs-postgresql.xql

2) etp-procs-oracle.xql

3) subsite/www/admin/users/new-postgresql.xql

4) SQL fix in acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/apm-create.sql

Edited the acs-kernel upgrade script that JonG initially created (PG)

Created an oracle upgrade script

Added upgrade scripts that i had written for 4.5b->4.5 back in (didn't get merged)

Update the acs-kernel .info file to 4.5.1

Manually merging fix from 4.5 that never got into the HEAD (apm_package_version__upgrade_p)

Added referer_url to the .info file. This parameter is not strictly needed but can enhance security & versatility.

1) Fixes Bug 1645

2) Adds acs_sc_impl_alias pacakge to Oracle version so it's consistent with PG version

3) Adds upgrade script for above changes

Use bind variable instead of ''

converted some more template db queries to std db api queries

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
converted template queries to std db api

Fixed typo in the name querytext.

converted template queries to std db api

converted template queries to std db api

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Improved sort order of rates overview. Minor UI improvement.

cleaned up add_user_to_community a bit

removed duplicate call to add_portlet_helper

fix get subcomm joining for no_inherit perm fix

register link changes due to no_inherit security fix

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important permission bug fix to dotlrn_community::new.

new communities should _not_ inherit perms from the

root dotlrn instace, since all dotlrn users have

read on the root dotlrn instance. without this

fix, users will be able to read stuff in comm's

they are not members of.

that was dumb, reverting

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indented to see the logic

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added call to acs_impl_alias__new for cloning.. now loading this file works

modified dotlrn-dotlrn-create.sql files to source other sql files

removed sql from tcl files and added one missing query to xql file

rel_id->p_rel_id in function calls to ...rel__detete()

*** empty log message ***

added Torben's fix to make the side lines look great in Navigator (olah)

converted template db api queries to std api queries

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changed method for search form from POST to GET

Now you can share the URLs resulting from a search from the search box!

fix bug in clone where event types were not getting copied