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added noquote

Fix zip file upload feature which wa left out of file-storage update.

Fix URL calculation for file-storage package root folder. Content_item.get_path

produces an incorrect relative URL with the cr_items.name is not the same

as the actual URL of the root folder. Fixes Bug#1763

Fixed noquote bug

added maturity and license info

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Display the account-closed message in the title, instead of the off-putting 'Login Denied'

reverting - we are not quite ready yet

reverting - we are not quite ready yet

trickling isssues with adding package_id to acs_object table

Fixed bug #1500: Re-Run RSS Feed Generation After Weblog Edit

Removed HTML to deliberately set cell background color to white for the reload links, which is where you need it the most, because it's the furthest away from the name of the package

added license and maturity

Fix reference to lock_timeout var.

file upgrade-2.0d2-2.0d3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Fixed search service contract problem on PG

Remove empty_string_p from tDAV

Add default lock timeout parameter to allow changing the timeout from the web


Add support for defaultlocktimeout parameter.

Add defaultlocktimeout parameter to tDAV config section.

Added upper and lower case versions of all basic keys.

Bugfix: Documentation for parameters weren't shown, if there was a newline right after the '@param foo', a space or tab character was required in that place

Increased version number to reflect changes in the service contracts.

Partial fix for bug 1261 - I removed the problem links but the long-term fix is to make them work properly instead.

Fixed bug 1597 - Oracle can't handle comments on the ends of the lines

Applied the first patch contained in patch #397 (the other problem had

previously been fixed by someone else)

Made subsite URLs fully qualified, so they work inside portals

Applied Vinod Kurup's patch 491 for bug 1724 - functions.sh failed if you

weren't using daemontools because a newline inserted into the created

file confused bash (which isn't used if you're using daemontools, therefore

had not been caught by the script author).

Applied patch 394

When catching errors in include templates, we also caught ad_script_abort, so it didn't take effect.

Appled Jarrko's patch 498 for bug 1738: check for PG 7.2 failed on Mac OS X

because the check string was just '%7.2%' and Mac OS X ships with darwin 7.2