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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
- more i18n

- include url in repeated-request message

- added parameter use_photo_form to ::xowiki::ArchiveFile to import images as instances of en:photo.form

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- added method db_0or1row to ::xotcl::Object similar to db_1row. The method loads the output variables of the SQL query directly into the current object.

- add support for all-day items

- stick to use cr/lf as required by RFC

- provide better modularization

- don't throw errors in scheduled procs, when no actual query paramters are available

- ease debugging, when CrClass is called with an unknown name

- handle parent_id|parent_ids == '*' independent from form lookup

- let "pretty_image" not handle only formfields of type file (or subtypes)

- extend method reindex to handle folder structures

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- remove unneeded line

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Don't double evaluate string content via export_vars (security problem)

- perform proper quoting of filenames containing quotes

- bump version number to 0.144

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- add general backslash escape function ::xo::backslash_escape

- make sure to quote content disposition properly

- bump version number to 0.124

- protect spaces in content-disposition

- form-field "file": keep upload name for dowloading (for consistency

in the links when the formpage is viewed and edited)

- provide the correct name in download-link, when the formpage is edited

- allow empty revision_ids (can happen via call_action)

Improve form-field "file" (and subclasses)

- add clear button for clearning files/images added added in a

prevision revision (unless flag "sticky" is used)

- tie revisions of the FormPage/WorkflowInstance with the revision

of the uploaded file (the content of the formfield is now a

list of attribute value pairs that might contain a revision_id)

- allow multiple uploads of files with the same name (distinguish with

reusing old content)

- caveat: export should strip the revision_id from the content

of the form-field.

add missing message keys

add missing message key

fix action url for host mapped subsite compatibility

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Detect mutual overwrite during edit operations and provide method (which can be overloaded) to handle this case.

- fix required handling for formfield of type "file"

- respect package_path in link renderer (we might consider using a config option for this)

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Encoding names on objects passed to the data array.

adding sample templates for ckeditor

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trim lines when processing lists of .js or .css files

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make URL resolver more robust when referencing subdirs

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- make form field reverse lookup more robust

- allow configuration for templates in ckeditor

added message key for content_type

- provide basic initialze method for FormField to make it blindly callable from subclasses