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Yet more along the path to a configuration wizard, which works though is not

quite complete!

Fixed a simple error in one of the compatibility procs

The section "Upgrading a custom or CVS site" incorrectly said that it

was not to be used if you have custom code or your code is in CVS.

Fix appearance of Skip this task text when using a process.

Ported to oracle.

Partial fix for 1631 (user views not scalable). Now restricts drop

boxes to only those users who are approved members of the current


various bug fixes for package_id, title addition to acs_objects

Remerge Timo's changes for tip 42,43, cf tip 53

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Fixing tabs.

making the tasks-bulk response page work with the new task-details page

tasks were misnamed actions

Repairing the ask info/give info simulation by making it possible for the giver to respond to the asker by executing the task with the message being responded to inlined in the subject and body. Messages associated with tasks do not show up in the messages list anymore. Ticket #28

adding the procs flag to the localize test case

Fixing a few porting bugs.

clarified parameter help text

making character listing on role-character mapping page include characters that the admin has created himself. Ticket #35

making the add_revision proc default creation_user and creation_ip like other similar procs do

changed index page to use adp; added link to parameters

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merge the changes between 5.0.3 and 5.0.4 to head

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fixed a few more bash bugs

reduced list of default DIRECTIORIES

Took out i18n message by accident. Thanks to Jeff for detecting this.

making displaying simbuild of the index page conditional on the sim_template_read privilege just like the simbuild index page. Ticket #31

in the template tasks table. If next state is empty we display unchaged. Ticket #29

making sure assigned_role is not set for parallel tasks. Ticket #4.

ad_form forms can be not completed, particularly if the target is not the same page that has the form. Reverting change to throw error. People are on their own now.

Upgrade script for the show_contacts_p thing

Updated messages that still had the $ sign in them.

Made changes to invalid date handling.

Increased speed when committing a response.