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Saving partial work on the portal configuration wizard ...

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Fixes bugs 1635 1634 1630 1629 1628 1627 1626. Several other improvements and

bug fixes.

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Working on configuration wizard

changing the timeout of a task to be specified in hours instead of seconds. Ticket #27. Relies on fix of workflow package (file action-procs-posgresql.xql)

bug fix: timeout_seconds was not extracted correctly in the postgresql action::get query.

added permissions sections

added permissions sections

added permissions granting section

added permissions screenshots

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Fixed bug with inserting predefined questions.

making the case history show message bodies and moving it onto its own page.

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Changed the adp's to work with custom templates.

displaying states of a simulation in sidebar of simplay master template

Added the switch to show or not show contacts

Fixed problem with logger_project not beeing defined in the edit funtion.

Made sure we do not have a hardwired link to the organization package in there.

Added a return_url so it can be called by other packages directly (e.g. project-manager).

fixing search on the tasks-bulk page to search both message body and title.

The display was wrong, as it was selecting the timestamp of the logentry that I entered last. This is wrong. It should display the log entries 31 days back from my last log entry. It is really confusing if you enter a log date e.g. three days back and suddenly your entries for yesterday disappear.

People listitem not working. Was tried to be commented out but the adp parser still read it. Took it out. Fixed the problem with no project_code given.

added notes and suggestions from .LRN 2.0.2 release process

added notes and suggestions from .LRN 2.0.2 release

more form find fixes to the demo data setup script

Fixed some ns_urlencode collisions with noquote and fixed the .info file using APM.

merging new keys from head to 5.0

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merged new keys from HEAD to 5.0

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define util_memoize and ad_acs_kernel_id with proc rather than ad_proc to avoid the multiple def warning bug 1466

bug fix: adding a form find to the add user proc

Extending the case history with documents and messages. This is for ticket 25.

added new keys

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