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The rest of the UI changes

User interface work, ad_form and listbuilder support added.

Ad_form version of file-add

adjusted more urls

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added url for groups

fixed urls

cleaning up links

Added util::array_list_spec_pretty proc

apm_package__singleton_p returns an integer, not a boolean

Correctly drop column and view otherwise upgrade script fails. Drop column is supported on pg 7.3 and 5.0 only supports pg 7.3

Removed unused Java-based function from the Oracle version.

Removed listfilters section to get rid of redundant sorting UI.

make upgrade scripts work, make it a little safer for accidental resourcing (so it won't step on existing usernames), drop views, patch 391 Robert Gaszewski

message_id is overwritten by a query, this uses the array version which is not stepped on, bug 1254 patch 392 Martin Magerl

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Adding admin files to set DAV access.

Fixed blogroll layout

Bumped to version 2.0d1

Title 'Administration'

Added technorati portlet


Weird character in file

Technorati API support for lars-blogger

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Technorati and Blogroll support for lars-blogger

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Categories in metaweblog.editPost

Recognize files in lib as include_pages

Spit out errorInfo in errorlog when a call fails

Cleaned up UI

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Fixed bug with calling __copy with wrong params

- Default multirow to list-template name.

- Throw error if you're providing bulk_actions, but haven't set the key

Added proc to get options-list of enabled locales