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Removed as project-manager is now in /packages

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Added display of max hours

Added display of number of ttasks in subprojects

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Allow users to enter search strings that contain apostrophes

Fix for error that would occur if you link a task to one that does not exist

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add calendar template to include in the project-manager portlet

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Removed application data link and replaced with old style integration

Last commit broke this page, reverted

Fixed bug from i18n

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Fixes error when you would update a task without a percent_complete

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Fix to task searching

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Fixed daily task reminders, set project status default to open on tasks and projects, increased pager size to 1000 as a kludgey temporary fix for paging

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bumped up version, added indexes, fixed bug in editing multiple tasks

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Reset number counter so adding a process doesn't error.

Having issues with this date validation code, reverting it for now.

Fixing an earlier validation patch I made that would not let you enter a "--" to get a task with no hard deadline. My apologies to anyone who were running a cvs copy and got bit by this bug.

Validate deadline date and give user a nice'ish error message rather then an error

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An embarassingly ugly hack to allow multiple tasks to be edited. This was needed because task_item_id on tasks.tcl was changed to tasks_id.

Fixing a fatal error when you edit a task and given empty strings for work required. In this event these values will be converted to 0 since that is probably what the user intended.

Fixed problem with I18n of actions

Fixed typo that was causing a fatal error

Fixed fatal error on task-delete

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Fix to keep task-print from failing

Fixed typo of "No" message key

Get tasks page to display, add missing message keys

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Patch to allow the task-revisions page to show up

Correcting message key for "No"

Fixed problems calling libs/customizations-portlet