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Type attribute of the style tag was rendered twice

Put "<div>" around hidden elements put out by the formtemplate tag when a custom

template layout rather than a style template is used and that custom template

layout doesn't put out the hidden elements manually.

Creating privilege annotate in case it's not created.

Switch to standard template for form to make it validate HTML Strict

HTML Strict cleanup

Remove extras LI

HTML Strict cleanup

Switch to form builder to pass HTML Strict validation

Fixed typo in message value

Untabify, re-indent with spaces and re-organize the code in a way it can be read

HTML Strict cleanup

Merge default mime type fix from HEAD

Fix default mime type! text/plain for unknown extensions is a very bad

idea. Treating unknown files, many of the binary as text can only lead

to suffering.

fix spelling in comment

HTML Strict cleanup

Fix bug in subject encoding proc

If we recieve mail in both plain text and html, use the plain text version

from the mail program rather than try to transform the html version into text.

provide center option for images

improve checkbox behavior

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improve checkbox behavior

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Removing Print button from message view interface.

Fixing behavior in expand/collpase buttons.

Removing links to unused css's.

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Adding missing space in callback definition

make use of yahoo CDN

new view-item-button

global footer elimination (e.g. for slides)

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improving css files, make use of view-item-button

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    • +27
Adding AGAIN parameter CategoriesP removed by mistake ( i guess ) of cesarh.

use publish-date only when given

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improve print output

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    • +9
Add new util::catch_exec procedure to handle returned status codes

from exec more completely. This is required to calling exec from catch

using Solaris, and works fine on other platforms. Inspired by


update to newer style of api

provide means to jump to a slide in the presentation (using YUI events)

add copy button

provide more useful print style sheet

some css improvements

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check if XOTcl is installed in the aolserver