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Fixed long taking query by dealing with permissions and privileges in tcl

Utility procedurs to generate inline diffs for text or html. Includes

special MS Word HTML option to ignore Word tags when generating a diff.

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PG 8.3 catches a boneheaded foreign key reference of type varchar(100) to

object_id (integer).

Some time, long long ago, the PSQL "\copy" command syntax change, but the

old syntax was accepted. As of PG 8.3, the old syntax is no longer allowed.

Don't dequeue twice. Added a default switch in search indexer for operation that does not match update/insert nor delete

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Removed link to the truly horrid, dangerous subscribe people and do magic


Add box tag from xarg. If you use Zen css you get nice boxes that look

just like portlets!

Fixed empty feedback div and dependance of score display to feedback

remove dependency on internet connection

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fix escaped file

fix for references clause

fix initialization of composite fields

dont center all pictures

setting import file binary to avoid end-of-line translation problems

allow to turn off all substitutions

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turn off substitutions in code listings

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prettifying code listings and blockquote

Removed Ajax as it was causing trouble

Fixed some minor bugs

Fixed some minor bugs

file upgrade-5.4.0d4-5.4.0d5.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-4.

Completed NIma's patch.

handle header-stuff from includelets in slide-mode

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fill in actual values in read-only forms

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Added upgrade for missing cascade part for site_node_object_mappings

Inserted missing missing cascade part

Inserted missing proc for sending member email in community

Set master back to dotlrn-master-custom, since switching to the selva theme,

at least, works a bit better now. Sloan could be made to work w/o much

effort either, I believe.

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Fixed Selva CSS to more or less work with current ("zen-ified") dotlrn.

Somehow rolling back malte's stuff missed this file, and I hadn't noticed