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- list per default all publish_status values in form menu and form-usages

- add option "-renderer highcharts" to from stats (needs highcharts, see source)

- make yui-carousel more robust

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    • +116
- make child-resouces embeddable in pages to list siblings

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    • +8
- adapt test to incomporate maxlength and size

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i18n of categories package. Mostly all of the interface are now internationalized, probably a couple are missing. Bumping up version so catalog files are loaded. New message keys added on en_US and de_DE catalogs.

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
i18n of xowiki admin UIs. Bumping up version number in order to load catalog files and run upgrade script.

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Typo: missing e on "June"

Typo: missing e on "June"

- bump version number

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- define method get_anon_instances to allow overloading (from eg. xowf)

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Fix RestrictErrorsToAdminsP parameter behaviour, which previously did nothing.

- call build-name for import_prototype_page to ensure same naming conventions

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- make sure to construct valid h-store queries in case, use_hstore is activated

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- optimize query in "most popular pages" includelet for large installations

- fix css path for default style

- add length restriction to names in xowiki pages to avoid potential limitations of the form-fields of the oacs content repository

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- since aolserver and naviserver translate backslashses in urls into slashes, treat slashes and backslashses in page names as well the same (i.e. translate both)

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Backed out change to make content richtext rather than text, because of

xotcl-core, can't have the type change depending on whether or not that

was previously installed and can't change it to richtext without (probably)

breaking xotcl stuff. Sucks but that's life.

- for delivering 0-byte files, set the length explicitely

Added rudimentary content repository support.

Argh! "content" wants to be richtext, not text !!!

file upgrade-5.7.0d4-5.7.0d5.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-7.

- update namings for current git snapshot of XOTcl 2

Don't use the encoded subject in the call to the callback

Kludge around xotcl-core for oracle, as was done earlier for PG.

1. Added "--default foo" style comments to new PL/pgSQL function parameters

because xotcl-core, rather than use the metadata created by define_function_params,

ASSIGNS SEMANTICS TO THESE SQL COMMENTS. Bah. If I truly cared about quality

I'd insist the xotcl people fix their code and do things right, but I know that

would never happen so ... kludge away.

2. xotcl-core adds CR attributes (rather than fix core). So my fixing of

core conflicts, meaning I have to kludge again. Still needs to be fixed

for oracle.

i18n and translation into spanish

Fixed to handler cookies from previous version correctly. Add back in inf max_age for session cookie when Remember Me is checked so it passes the expiration test.

Put the strict check in the wrong place.

use -strict when checking for integer as empty string returns true without it

Fix so if the session renew time is NOT included in the cookie (ie: cookies created before this fix) will be renewed