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added query for ec_mailing_list_widget.get_category_children

fixed subquery syntax. Postgresql requires an as statement

updated .info for util.logical_negation corrections. Added -postgresql.xql and -oracle.sql for a few files in admin/

changed logical_negation calls to util__logical_negation and util.logical_negation.

logical_negation changed to util__logical_negation and util.logical_negation in acs-kernel/sql/*/utilities-create.sql

changed triggers to after. if set to before, you sometimes cannot delete from the tables.

fixed fullquery name

function logical_negation was changed to util__logical_negation (acs-kernel)

added db_map for sysdate calls in a dynamic query.

added db_map for partialquery. expanded the ec_products query to get date in standard format for ad_dateentrywidget.

updated with correct names for sql creation/deletion scripts

renamed files to package-name-create/drop format so that the APM will recognize it during installation.

renamed the files to package-name-create/drop.sql so the APM will recognize it

Fixed error in actually selecting bookmarks to view. Hadn't tried that yet...you can use them now.

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Fixed error in sort order on index page. Added editing and viewing. Basic

functionality is working.

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fixed naming of fullquery. did initial pass on proc vs. QE verification.

changed all procs/proc_docs to ad_proc.

fixed ec_product__new for postgresql. also did a db_map for sysdate call.

fixed ec_product__new function

fixed sort key calculation. postgres driver encloses bind variables in ' ' which makes the sort key calculation fail. the key calculation is done in tcl now.

fixed queryname names. fixed outer join which wasn't picked up by the query extractor.

fixed sort key calculations. the postgres driver puts ' ' around the bind variable. the old code performed calculations like "and sort_key = (:prev_sort_key + :next_sort_key)/2", which caused postgres to barf. this calculation is now done in tcl.

fixed oracle sign() calls

/bin/bash: q: command not found

Initial OpenACS import

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Another PG type fix, and added overloaded new.

Worked on permissions syntax

Initial revision for OpenACS.

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Pulled inserts into own files.

Pulled inserts out of sql files for commonality.

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