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Bug 284

Further mods to the product_id removal.

Removed Product ID from the "Legal Values" text blurb..

Upped the package rev

Fix for Bug #1382 - package acs-datetime dependency was not included

Bug 1360 and give myself credit and fix some broken links ..

updated release number

updated core version numbers

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  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
upped version to 5.0.4

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Typo: Added space

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Fixed up the blogroll drop script and hooked it into the main drop script.

Fix for docs ..

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Bulk update fix incorporating changes from alfredw, torbenb and bartt. Fix for bug 487.

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Added a missing column.

Added blogroll.

Ported from postgres.

Typo: acs_acs_kernel_id

Fixed usability bug: Didn't search first name; didn't say 'no users found'

Fixed bug #1612

Fixed string_truncate bug.

Changed the callback procedures to reflect reality in /tcl/apm-callback-procs.tcl .

Missing Owner and pretty_name in spec for register_notification_impl.

Notification Replies where not dropped.

fixed a spacing typo

Added missing drop statements

Lars changed ad_page_contract to call the "complain" template rather than

spit out HTML directly. However he used a multirow, and while this is nice,

it ain't what "complain" took. I moved "complain" to "ad-return-complaint"

(to match the name of the Tcl proc that calls it) ... and created a new "complain"

that does the multirow thing. "ad_return_complaint" is begging for retirement

as it assumes you have an "<li>" in each error list element if there's more than

one of them and also forces you to pass the number of error messages.

That's why I created a new template rather than rewrite ad_return_complaint

to stuff the error list into a multirow (my "complain" template, used by

"ad_page_contract", does the <li> tags itself - something a site designer

can change, the whole point of templating this).

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added folder rename and permissions buttons

fixed organization__name

Fix for bug #1511

Fixed bug: Pass up context