IMS-LD: Integration with .LRN Specification (v 1.1.2)

Table of Contents

Before Starting: IMS Learning Design
IMS Learning Design (short introduction)
Levels A, B and C
1. Introduction
Integrating IMS-LD with .LRN
Pedagogical Flexibility
Historical Considerations
Competitive Analysis
User Requirements
Use Cases
Data Model
Architectural Model
2. User Requirements
Interaction Between the IMS-LD package and .LRN Services
Editing IMS Learning Design Documents
Viewing an IMS-LD Document and Groups assignation
IMS-LD Player
3. Use Cases
Use Cases
Integration in the same execution framework of different .LRN packages combined in a workflow
Evaluation of the educational process
Content Personalization depending on different user properties
Different paths of contents for users depending on the evaluation of activities or on the assessments results
Give the students exactly what they don't know
Repeating activities for students
Give the students the capacity for selecting options
Problem based learning
Learning in student groups
Collaborative Learning
Learning by Games
Reusing Methodologies
Final Comments
4. Data Model
Level A
Level B
Level C
Run Tables
5. Architectural Model