Level A

Next, the tables necessary for Level A are draw in the form of an E-R diagram


  1. The last table will use acs_rels. The rel_types will be completely defined in the implementation phase. By now we can think of: parent_item_rel, role_parts_activites_rel, component_service_rels, service_roles_rel, learning_object_item_rel, plays_to_complete_method_rel and role_parts_to_complete_act.

  2. There are some important IMS-LD tags (learning objectives, for instance) that does not have a table for themselves, but this is because such tags consist only of a reference to a itemmodel or another table, so there is no need to create a table just for that.

  3. This data model can (and it is 99% sure) change in the implementation phase, but we will base the development on this data model.

  4. There are some tables in this data model that will be related to some others of other .LRN packages. For instance, the table imsld_conferences will be used to store the synchronous type (forums) and asynchronous type (chats) of conferences. Also, we will use acs_objects for the imslds, activities, services, learning_objects, components, and for every case we find it useful. We can make use of the cr_items too. But that is something that we will know better in the implementation phase.