Chapter 4. Data Model

Table of Contents

Level A
Level B
Level C
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The following data model stores the relevant information that can be in an IMS-LD file. The tables are the ones needed to store the interesting part of the information from IMS-LD specification that we consider is necessary in order to play the unit of learning correctly.

At present, the data model does not have into account the interaction with the rest of the .LRN packages, because the tables needed for that interaction will be defined in the development phase. Also, the tables might change during the development phase, because we can find better ways to structure the information, but the final data model, in our opinion, will not be too different from the one presented here.

The complete data model is presented in an Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram that is divided in three blocks, each one related to a level of the IMS-LD specification. The tables of the .LRN model for supporting IMS-LD of a level are not independent from the other levels, and the relationships of the three diagrams have been represented. In the tables of the E-R diagrams are presented only the primary keys and foreign keys. This is in order to achieve clarity and simplicity because the diagram is too big. Nevertheless, all the fields of the proposed diagram are presented and explained next, divided by the three levels of IMS-LD.

Next, each table of the data model is described divided in the three levels of the IMS-LD specification

IMPORTANT NOTE: The present Data Model will be normalize in the near time in order to improve its understanding.