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improve spelling

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New feature: added support for return value checker for nsf::proc

One can now specify "-returns ...." in nsf::proc commands the same way

as in nx/XOTcl2 methods.

nsf::proc ... /procName/ /arguments/ ?-returns /valueconstraint/? /body/

When return value checkers are defined, these are returned by the

usual introspection interface.

% nsf::proc ::foo {-a:integer} -returns integer {return 1}

% nsf::cmd::info definition ::foo

::nsf::proc ::foo -a:integer -returns integer {return 1}

% nsf::cmd::info returns ::foo


The regression test was extended to cover these cases.

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extend Tcl9 compatibility

Fix bug, where Tcl's "string is" checker modified result, when used as a return value checker

The new code saves and restores the original result value.

The regression test was extended.

Many thanks to Antonio Pisano for pointing out this issue.

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generalize handling of isTYPE calls by defining CHARTTYPE

The macro was developed earlier on NaviServer, and is used

in nsf for "upper", "space" and "alpha" character checkers

Provide an initializer for the new size_t field of Tcl_ObjType (Tcl 9)

removed TCL_OUT_LINE_COMPILE, which is removed in Tcl 9.0 (many thanks to Jan Nijtmans)

reduce warnings for other compilers

reduce warnings for clang

clang has no "-Wmaybe-uninitialized" flag

address the maybe-uninitialized warnings

I do not really like the approach based on pragmas, but i do even

less like the warnings, when compiled with -pedantic

reduced compiler warnings when compiling against Tcl 8.6* with TIDY settings

Deactive block for double-checking chached data for Tcl commands

Leave the code for potential future debugging purposes

minor polishing

fix comment

fix compilation hickups for Tcl 8.5

reduce warnings from redefined constants

fix typo

improve compatibility with core-8 branch

fix for Tcl versions having Tcl_LibraryInitProc() already defined (core-8)

provde compatibility for core-8-7-a3

fix compatibility with earlier versions of Tcl 8.7

Improve cleanness of compilation under gcc-11+ and "-pedantic" + -Wextra"

Added support for compiling with Tcl 9.0 (Many Thanks to Jan Nijtmans for first steps)

This version compiles cleanly at least with Tcl 8.6.* and Tcl 9.0 (fossil trunk),

having -pedantic and -Wextra defined.

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cleanup: avoid memory leak in cases the Tcl_DictObjPut fails

added option "-asdict" to nsf::parseargs

The new option makes it easier to process the parsed argument in different


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Bug fix: include alias to object in "info methods -path"

Previously, it was not possible to define an alias to an object for

NaviServer, since it was not returned by "info methods -path" and

was therefore not included in the blueprint.

Extended regression test.

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improve function description

* nsfAccessInt.h (TclFreeIntRep): A recent name reform requires an explicit define for backwards compat.

remove realtive costly asserts when not in development mode

* nsf.c (ObjectDispatch): Fix another invalid read of a cached cmd structure (NsfColonCommandContext)