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removed TCL_OUT_LINE_COMPILE, which is removed in Tcl 9.0 (many thanks to Jan Nijtmans)

Add core-8-6-13-rc for the time being

in NaviServer mode, flush buffers after every file

This avoid potential interger overruns in Tcl, when sending many large files

over slow lines.

* README.release: Clarify how to produce HTML documentation for sourceforge.io [skip ci]

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

release work

* ChangeLog-2.3.0-2.4.0.log: Updated [skip ci]

reduce warnings for other compilers

reduce warnings for clang

clang has no "-Wmaybe-uninitialized" flag

updated announce file

Added a warning, when a name of a slot contains characters hinting a typo (missing ":")

make test more generic

Previously the test failed, since the file, which was read, was

changing its size. Now, the number of expected chunks is computed

depending on the actual file size.

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use gcc-11 only for macos, but not for ubuntu-latest

release work

Use gcc-11 instead of gcc-10, which is available on ubuntu-latest

* Announce2.4.0: Completed draft [skip ci]

* ChangeLog-2.3.0-2.4.0.log: Improve wording, formatting [skip ci]

* ChangeLog-2.3.0-2.4.0.log: Updated changelog [skip ci]

address the maybe-uninitialized warnings

I do not really like the approach based on pragmas, but i do even

less like the warnings, when compiled with -pedantic

tested with recent MongoDB (server 5.0.9, driver 1.22.1)

reduced compiler warnings when compiling against Tcl 8.6* with TIDY settings

Deactive block for double-checking chached data for Tcl commands

Leave the code for potential future debugging purposes

improve spelling [skip ci]

improve spelling [skip ci]

* next-tutorial, next-migration: Fix version number [skip ci]

* mkIndex.tcl: Have mkIndex produce package-provide compliant ifneeded scripts

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* Makefile.in, configure: Re-worked pkgIndex.tcl handling

* README.release: Document changes to doc pipeline

Re-generated man pages and tutorials

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* Makefile.in, doc/*.css: Replace prince with Chrome headless for PDF doc generation, PDF-specific CSS now organised as @media print queries.