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Zen: Add grade_id to listtemplate name to get unique IDs

Load default-master.css to get styles for the calendar widget

Move general styles definition to site-master.css. default-master.css now contains only styles for the calendar widget

fix: add needed ending slash in link pointing to http://openacs.org/repository/

fix: add needed ending slash in link pointing to http://openacs.org/repository/

Allow supressing notifications

Missing language key

Add HTML anchors per section to aid linking to one section.

Removed more link to css titles because the javascript switcher screws up

Finally handle 0 question sections. Also add curly braces around a

couple of expr calls.

Removed title from dev sup css link because the javascript style switcher is

really stupid.

Fixed missing screen name merges

Fixed missing period day merges

Changing ID to get calendar widget to work

list in who-is-online per default only authenticated users, provide correct activity (smooth value) and last activity.

removed dependency of site map to determine package_id from package_key

update to version 0.50

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Beautifying graph displays

fix typo

fixing name ambiguity

improved distinction between create and modify operations

improved handling of xml attributes

Remove extra chars causing silly warning

Bumped to 5.3.1a1. I hope. I never get this right!

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Moved some stuff to blank master from site master.

file excanvas.js was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:27 +0000

changes for timeline and canvas IE compatibility

Fix check for number of tries

Don't allow publishing of assessments without any questions.

Make more options available for "survey" type