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* build.yml: clang 11 is default on macos-latest runners; add remaining macos configs

* build.yml: Fix expressions

* build.yml: Remove artifacts from workflow

* build.yml: Added initial GitHub Actions workflow enabling Linux and macOS builds

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* appveyor.yml: Bump build matrix to include the tag 8.6.11

* nsfAccessInt.h (TclIsCommandDeleted), nsf.c, nsfObj.c: More recent Tcl 8.7 (starting Sep 2020) has replaced the macro CMD_IS_DELETED by CMD_DYING.

* nsf.c (ParamOptionParse): Simplify option parsing for substdefault; Tcl_GetInt knows how to handle 0b binary constants, no expr call needed.

* nsf.c (VolatileMethod): Save a little by checking first chars

* nsf.c (VolatileMethod), volatile.test: Fix volatile for XOTcl 2: frame skipping must be limited to configure, otherwise, for self calls (e.g., 'my volatile'), the sentinal variable plus unset trace become created in the wrong callframe context (leading to corruption of any non-proc callframe); added test cases

fix provided length values for string arguments

whitespace cleanup (replace tabs)

make warning message more precise about unexpected slot structures during delete

added target for clang-tidy, fine-tuning of compile flags

added enumeration values

added support for enumeration values replaced anonymous arrays by dicts

improve type safety of generated code

Reduced usage of reserved identifiers [cert-dcl37-c,cert-dcl51-cpp]

improve comments and spelling

improve regularity and linebreaking in comments (mostly function headers)

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whitespace changes: more consistent indentation of comments

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improve spelling

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add one more test to sanity check

added debugging output for a case, where a Tcl cmd looks perfectly fine, but its procPtr (scripted cases) contains invalid data

reduce debugging output

make clean compile, when TRACE flags are defined

reduce verbosity, silence checker

improve spelling

Use memmove() instead of strncat() since the former supports overlapping buffers

do not try to initialize Tcl_TomMath_InitStubs when TCL_MAJOR_VERSION > 8 || TCL_MINOR_VERSION > 6

include for Tcl 8.5 tclTomMath.h to define the mp_int type