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Add new build targets: 8.6.14 and core-9-0-b1

Merge branch 'main' of git.ai.wu.ac.at:tcltk/nsf

Add to hosts files on macOS runners

Add to hosts files on macOS runners. Fixes actions/runner-images#9346

Fix var substitution

GitLab runner: Provide for curl

Update .gitlab-ci.yml file

Initial .gitlab-ci.yml file to integrate with fisheye.openacs.org

Use loopback IPv4 address, to work around the DN service being unavailable on GH macos runners

Merge ahead commits from fork gustafn/nsf

improved spelling

fixed misleading name of variable

Fixed handling of invalid parameter specs

This bug was occuring e.g. with an invalid parameter spec as in

:property {fiscalyear:integer, required}

where an additional space was introduced. The bug was reported by

Maksym Zinchenko on the xotcl mailing list (many thanks for that!)

and lead to an attempt of adding an empty parameter option.

Now, an error is generated in this case.

improved comment

improved spelling

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Bug fix: potential crash and swallowed error

The change fixes 2 bugs:

- When a non-existing method was called in a situation where

* a filter with guards is registered, and

* all guards are failing, and

* the method to be called after the filter does not exist

nsf was crashing

- There was no code to produce the proper error message in such situations

Try to find out used ports in macOS runners

GH Actions: Set an overall timeout and fix localhost resolution on macOS

Bump clang from 12 to 13

improved spelling

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fix typo

whitespace changes

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Provide Tcl9 compatibility after TIP #673

TIP #673 removed "trace variable", which was deprecated since the

release of Tcl 8.4. However, since Tcl does not warn about

deprecations, so it was not detected until TIP #673 removed the

command for Tcl9.

nsf:parseargs: honor "required" settings

The previous version was accepting e.g.

nsf::parseargs -asdict {



{-return_url:localurl "."}

} {}

i.e. passing empty argument list where the first two arguments are required.

Now, the error is flagged properly

provide clean compilation for current Tcl9

maintenance: reflect type change of Tcl TIP 666 (use Tcl_Size for object count in TIP 627)

::mongo::oid::gettimestamp: new API call to obtain creation timestamp from OID

whitespace cleanup

Fix workflow file

* accessor.test: Added tests to document the behaviour for internally generated per-slot accessor methods * nx.tcl (VariableSlot), properties.test: Make sure that calling delete on a single-valued property/ variable errors out, like calling add * nx.tcl (defineIncrementalOperations): Rewrite to avoid repetitive computations * nx.tcl: First take on fixing definition of incremental slot operations, in presence of custom provided ones (esp. value=delete)