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update copyright dates

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Minor cleanup

- reduce strlen operations

- reduce hard-coded constants

- perfer Tcl_Obj based interfaces of string based ones (opens opportunities for special objtypes)

improve regularity and linebreaking in comments (mostly function headers)

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improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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silence gcc7+: use attribute based approach for denoting fall through in case statements

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improve documentation

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Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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- remove dead assignment - add cppcheck target

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Removed last deprecated call of the mongo-c-driever (mongoc_collection_create_index())

update copyright information

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change READE to markdown syntax

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updating mongodb interface for 2.2: - update to mongodb-c-driver 1.11.0 - reduce number of calls to deprecated driver functions as far as possible - improve cleanness of compilation (provde prototypes etc.) - bump version number to 2.2

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make sure to initialize all variables also in error cases

reduce variable scope and minor cleanup

use mongoc_iovec_t instead of struct iovec iov to improve cross-platform compatibility

improve comments

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Use snprintf() instead of sprintf() to protect better against potential buffer overflows

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- Use uniform spelling of "Tcl" - Fix more spelling errors

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Improve spelling

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- Copy changed structure

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MongoDB driver: - added explicit calls to mongoc_init() and mongoc_cleanup(). - configure via "--disable-automatic-init-and-cleanup"

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- more white space changes (remove tabs, reformat whole file)

- white space change

MongoDB upgrade - Upgraded MongoDB and drivers to mongodb-c-driver 1.5.1, libbson 1.5.1 and MongoDB v3.4.0

- The upstream mongodb-c-driver has deprecated the old OP_QUERY syntax

with $-modifiers and old names like $orderby and $query, which will

be removed from the driver. The new interface is more in the mongodb

style, many former parameters (e.g. -limit, -skip, -project, -sort)

went to the new "-opts" argument.

mongo::collection::query /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

mongo::cursor::find /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

See the begin of nsf-mongo.test file for examples for queries

with the old and new interface. The high level interface

for nx::Object is unchanged.

- Support for new binary type "decimal128"

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- reduce implicit conversions

code generator changes: - create enum types instead of enum values for nsf API - use enum types in code

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- return the result of ::mongo::run

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Improved mongodb interface for json/bson parsing: - rename function mongo::json to mongo::json::generate - introduce mongo::json::parse

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- nsf mongodb: reduce verbosity - white-space changes

- fix all complaints from clang static analyzer 3.6

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