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Use name and title for the copy, rather than name as title and file_upload_name as name. This will make so copied files will have also the same title as the original when this was renamed.

Try conserving file extension in the name when adding the suffix

Localize untranslated messages in the copy file-storage script (thanks to Markus Moser for the german translation)

- add missing curly bracket

Don't show time interval when choosing recurrence in case of all day events

Give a feedback message when permission have been modified

Improve translation of ad-return-complaint message. Add missing translation

- Don't add stuff tu the search queue when publish_status is expired

Fixed date format validate expression

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- Remove duplicate processing of tags (was duplicated since 16 (!!) years, many thanks to Franz Penz for noticing)

- remove unneeded variable

replace "set" by "my" (sneaked in in last commit, many thanks to thomas renner for spotting it)

allow host header fields with trailing dots (as these are allowed from DNS)

Use a lazy but feasible check to decide if we have buttons for copy in the file storage

- add option "-path_encode" to methods "pretty_link" and "folder_path"

to allow to control, wether the result should be encoded or not

(default true)

- simplify logic around path encoding by using parameter -query of pretty_link

- Bump version number of xowiki and xowf to 5.9.1b4

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Avoid other double encoding when export_vars is applied on xowiki pretty_links

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Don't double encode pretty links

Don't apply new encoding behavior to already encoded strings (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

import_prototype_page: make sure to set variable page to the fetched prototype page

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Use localized text for search placeholder

Make filter simpler with just one field and more suitable to a responsive design (thanks to Günter Ernst)

Replace xo::Http with select-free util::http

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Add filters for applications list so it is easily possible to reach permission and parameters page also on sites with many mounted applications.

Ading a default to is_root check on message::delete (Thanks to Thomas Renner)

Improve spelling

- Internationalize title of /members page for main site memberships

- Make displayed columns of member page configurable and show ordinary members less columns

Use themed template in template used in user::workspace callback

Correct square braces

Add link to package url for application groups in user-subsite "portlet"

Reflow content

Standardize spelling of "E-Mail" in German

- allow slghtly larger images