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Removed RFC822 id generation from acs_message__new stored procedure:

beside being replication of what already available in proc acs_mail_lite::generate_message_id,

it was buggy, because it assumed http protocol (no https) and also broke General Comments

on installations that by chance had an empty SystemURL parameter

- fix typo (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

- fix omitted update after replacement of "xo::dc foreach" (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

- fixed default value specification (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

- remove one more assumption that the "base" configuration is always using the http driver

- make intention more clear, don't go useless miles

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Removing leftovers of instance_attributes column

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    • +8
- fix orderby field name in form-usages (many thanks to thomas renner)

Fix typo: form_object instead of form_id

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- add fallback for non CSP 2 compliant browsers for "head::add_script -script ..."

- added default CSP directive "font-src data:"

bootstrap installer:

- added csp policy to the files upgradeable via apm

- bumped version number to 5.9.1d5

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file csp-collector.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Removed dangerous catch idiom

Removed leftover count_query argument from template::paginator::create

- set link variables always.

- adjust topline for wiki menu

- remove remaining onclick handlers in templates

- add font-src directive for bootstrap

- do not prevent default behavior

- reduce verbosity

- change onclick handler into event listener

- template::head::add_style: don't add identical entries multiple times

- make sure to load bootstrap after jquery

- fix js function name

- save dirty buffer

- replace on-click handler by event listener

- add CSP directives

- use subst instead of doublequotes

- replace "javascript:*" urls with event listeners

remove javascript urls and onclick handlers from xowiki menubar (yui and bootstrap)

- add nonce attribute to javascript created via tdom

- add HTML IDs to menu items

- add ability to add listener (list with 2 elements: type (such as

"click") and script (body of a function to be executed).

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- replace onclick handle by event listener