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- replace deprecated call to "ad_return" by "return"

- fix ambiguous markup in adp pages due to missing quoting

- fix incorrect "request duration"

- remove deprecated call to "ad_admin_footer"

- moderize tcl

* use "lassign" instead of repeated "lindex" calls,

* use "dict" instead of array

- improve indentation and quoting

- replace deprecatd call to "item::get_title" by "content::item::get_title"

- use w3c badges as local images instead of referenes to w3c site to improve user experience

file valid-html401-blue.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.

file wcag1AA-blue.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.

- remove obsolete files

- fix indentation of source code

- removed outdated and unlinked page

- replace deprecated call top ad_permission_grant and ad_permission_revoke by calls to permission::grant and permission::revoke

- replace deprecated calls to "ad_header" and "ad_footer" by variant based on "ad_return_top_of_page" and "StreamingHead" template

- replace deprecated call to oacs::user::get by acs_user::get

- remove hard-coded path to template for HTML streaming by adding a package parameter named "StreamingHead" to acs-subsite

- remove calls to deprecated doc_body_append

file users-bulk-upload-2.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.

- add special handling for expand operator to tcl code beautifier

- mark functions as deprecated which are called only by deprecated functions

- mark helper functions of ad_table* as well as deprecated

- fix indentation

- remove unuded dubugging function

- mark remaining two functions of the ad_* permission interface as deprecated

- mark set-operations as deprecated

- mark doc_* interface a deprecated

- remove dependency on "header_stuff"

- remove last occurence of call to deprecated code (util_ReturnMetaRefresh)

- code did not work behind reverse proxy, did not use more general secure_conn_p

- tested with recent versions of IE

- please complain, in case your experience a problem, we find a solution

- Standardize spelling of OpenACS in xo* packages

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- change spelling of TCL to Tcl

- change requirements to Tcl 8.5

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- add upgrade files

file upgrade-5.8.1d2-5.8.1d3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.