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Whitespace changes

Make Service Contract implementations private

Hardcode the word "Page" in the message keys as the German localization does

Many thanks to Markus Moser for reporting the inconsistency

Deprecate forum::new_questions_allow and forum::new_questions_deny, one should use forum::edit, which will also track the change, or just inline the query instead

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Deprecate forum::new_questions_allowed_p and replace occurrences

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Increase proc coverage

Make faq::notification_delivery::do_notification private

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Use better idioms to cleanup the user

Provide an api to create a new FAQ, so that Create+Read of an FAQ can be tested

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file faq-procs-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file faq-procs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Go straight to the database skipping the many trivial stored procedures, this reduces divergency between Oracle and Postgres

feed_parser::test::parse_feed is also used by the news-aggregator package, make it public again, document this and claim its coverage

Make test api private

Deprecate feed_parser::sort_result, trivial wrapper over lreverse used only internally

Deprecate trivial wrapper of HTTP client api

Return after a response was given to the client

Many thanks to Markus Moser

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Move api in a namespace to comply with automated tests

Document public api

Update page to current practices, using the schema browser for cross compatibility

As it turns out, even caching only by request has consequences e.g. when one installs xolp from scratch

Disabl caching and prepare the statement instead

Fix english

Deprecate fs::get_folder_contents

Avoid using get_folder_contents, doing a lot more stuff, and get the info from the db directly

Retrieve only the necessary information

Replace ad_tmpnam

Complete api coverage for the package

Cover remaining export api

Make fs::get_folder_contents private: this api is only used internally to the file-storage over the codebase and its documentation suggests that it should be used with caution

Deprecate trivial fs::get_archive_extension and inline its only upstream occurrence