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Add trivial test 'dotlrn_community_types', covering 'dotlrn::community_type', 'dotlrn_class::community_type' and 'dotlrn_club::community_type' procs

Delete extra pages

Add 'portal::list_pages_tcl_list' and 'portal::get_portal_template_id' to the 'create_portal_from_template' test case

add option to show student IP address during the exam

use absolute time for computing beeps

Add 'index_unindex' test case, covering 'tsearch2::index', 'tsearch2::unindex' and 'tsearch2::update_index' procs

Test explicitely 'tsearch2::build_query_tcl', now that 'tsearch2::build_query' uses different methods yielding different results, and slight refactoring of the test, using 'aa_equals' instead of 'aa_true' for string comparison

Add simple test case for 'tsearch2::summary'

Add trivial test case for 'tsearch2::driver_info'

Whitespace changes

Add categories to build_query test case

Make api public

Use 'portal::exists_p' instead of custom idioms

Remove leftovers

Add a new subsite::parameter_changed implementation for xowiki, reacting to the switching of the use_hstore parameter

This way it won't be necessary for other packages to generate the hstore manually using private api

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Add documentation

Reinstate api as private, downstream cases need to be adapted

do not rely on xo::dc in packages not depending on xotcl-core

Make api public: uses public api internally and downstream packages use it

Make api public: downstream xowiki-like packages use it to extend uninstantiation logics

Make proc public: many downstream packages use it e.g. in their upgrade scripts

Add 'portal::exists_p' to 'create_portal_from_template' test case

Make api public

Add 'dotlrn_members_portlet::get_my_name' to the 'dotlrn_portlet_links_names_keys' test case

Make api public

Add PostgreSQL integrated websearch_to_tsquery builder, which can be activated via PackageParameter UseWebSearch

file tsearch2-driver-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Adapt spam variable name to what is advertised to the user

Replace spam::interpolate with 'string map'

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