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Fix log message, as ad_log supports only one message as argument.

improve spelling

remove objects and class objects and auto-generated code form coverage statistics

improve listing of tested procs

extend test coverage

whitespace changes

avoid array notation for per_thread caches to ease flushing

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    • +2
address issue #3460

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    • +15
modernize tcl

whitespace cleanup

fix schema browser for PostgreSQL 12 or newer

follow naming convention as used in other places as well

start key with the package name, use array notation

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overhaul of formfield of type numeric

- use connection locale for localization per default

- accept always numbers in en_US

- support keeping optional the original user string (good for exams)

- use this new combination in textfields numeric type.

no need to use volatile, since these pages are marked for cleanup

in some combinations of tcl and nsf, these volatile operations might

lead to crashes

Add "-url" as optional argument to "get_community_id" to ease usage in non-connection threads.

in background threads, get_community_id can be called with either the package_id,

or with the argument. Otherwise, the function is not background-safe

added support for composite correct-when for text_interaction

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reduce verbosity, add statements to ease debugging

added support for gui and multiple correct-when clauses

bump version number to 5.10.0d32

added new form-field type: comp_correct_when

added conjunctive answer-check

adde answer-check "contains-not"

The new form-field type offers a graphical user interface for input of

correct when clauses. When comp_correct_when is used with the repeat

flag it produces conjunctive (AND connected) clauses. The answer-check

"contains-not" is more or less the same a "contains", but highlights

such words in red.

bump version number to 5.10.0d71

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    • -21
    • +127
in newer versions of tar, the option "-C" is position dependent

improve spelling

handle bulk-actions and hidden-fields in cvs exports

use "ad_try" instead of plain "try" in include_content

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mark f::reverse as depreacted. There is no evident reason, why not the built-in "lreverse" is used

revert escaped development version

allow action exam_review only when autocorrect is possible

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improve spelling

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make end of options explicit

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make end of options explicit

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make end of resub options explicit