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improved spelling

improved spacing on documentation page

added summary line as well to the begin of the output table

improved logging output from install.xml files

removed the previous half finished change, the update of the timezone data helps

Updates timezone data once again, bump version to 5.10.1b3

The timezone data from IANA has changed (probably several years ago),

and the min/max years have to be changed to -2147481748/2147485547,

which are no acceptable years for timestamps in PostgreSQL and

Oracle. The new timezone data maps now these boundary values 1/9999.

This commit fixes as well a bug introduced by the last version of the

timezone data in cases, where Tcl versions with older timezone data

were used, and the fallback operations based on Tcl failed. Tcl

versions 8.6.14* and Tcl 9.0* have up-to-date time zones, e.g. Tcl

8.6.13 still requires in some rare cases the fallback to the database,

where the error might show up.

improved spelling

improved spelling

fix regression test to cope with time zone

Since OpenACS timezone data is now newer as in many tcl versions, some time zones

might not be available in tcl. Therefore, tcl-based conversions with these

time zones will fail.

This change skips these timezones (on my system, 2 cases). But this

is just a part of the fix. The "DB-based conversion" in "lc_time_tz_convert"

seems to be broken for these cases as well, otherwise the regression

test would not have stopped working.

fixed bug #3469

First submenu item was missing. This bug is identical in the bootstrap3

and bootstrap5 theme packages. Many thanks to Keith Paskett for

rpeoprting and suggesting a fix.

Adapt test to current timezones

Improve visualization of test info

Relax test condition:

make sure potential injections are not rendered on the page response.

Added dotlrn-bootstrap3-theme as default and use it instead of the outdated one

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Added dotlrn-bootstrap3-theme to modules and to dotlrn-all

improved spelling

Improved navigation bar menu structure

Before, the "admin" pulldown contained item "Advanced", which was pretty

unclear. The new label for the subsite administration is now "Subsite Adminsitration".

Upgrade timezone data to tzdb-2024a (Released 2024-02-01) from IANA

The last update of the timezone data of OpenACS happened on Sep 29,

2015 in the release process of OpenACS 5.9.0. The new timezone data is

based on the newest released data from IANA reflecting the changes

made by political bodies to time zone boundaries, UTC offsets, and

daylight-saving rules. The procedures to update the database are

described in RFC 6557 (https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6557.html)

and contains data for e.g. Europe up to the year 2499.

reduced verbosity

bumped version number of upstram package to 1.11.3

Removed "-debug" flag

improved robustness of "try_cache"

Added handling of "-per_request" option

Made "ad_find_all_files" more robust when some subdirectory has too restrictive permissions

Previously, on some OS, Tcl's "glob" command was returning file names,

also, when the permissions should not allow it (macOS), while one

other systems, it raised an error (Linux). The problem is that

"ad_find_all_files" raises an error during startup, not all files are

found, and e.g. some of the files (like e.g. .xql) are not picked up,

... and as a consequence, strange things happen.

With this change, loading is more robust. Now, warnings are issued instead of exceptions.

Silence potentially confusing warning during first installation

Improved consistency of appearance, when multiple CSS toolkits are in use

- This change makes sure that consistently [::xowiki::CSS toolkit] is

used instead of accessing the package parameter

"PreferredCSSToolkit" directly. This change is necessary for

handling e.g. of the parameter setting "default"

consistently. Previously, a "default" value could result in loading

the obsolete YUI .js and .css files.

- When "menu_entries" have multiple "config" entries, use the last one.

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Extended site-wide admin page to include link for site-wide pages

Adding a link to site-wide admin pages makes it easier for admins to locate

the site-wide pages (pages, which can be used in all xowiki instances)

Added link to parameter page in xowiki/admin page if it exists

This is a change to ease usage for novices. The "admin" pages should be replaced

in the future, but for the time being, it helps for site-admins to understand,

how to change which parameter value to obtain the desired results.

Extended "Page.copy_content_vars" with a "-except" parameter

This change makes it possible to use values from template pages

without changing the name of the target page. This change also

introduces a small modernization to use dicts instead of arrays.

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added URL for version checking to see, if a newer version is available from the CDN

Added site-wide admin pages for xowf

This makes it easy for admins to locate the site-wide pages

(pages, which can be used in all xowf instances)