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provide the version directory instead of the version on the admin page

Earlier versions had just the version, but not the version directory, which is

the precise information

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

don't trust in stability of version numbers, but check, what we have actually got.

The structure of the distributed zip file unfortunately a moving target.

fixed the path confusion in packaged bootstrap icons files

Unfortunately, the structure of the distributed .zip file of bootrap icons is

version dependent: Versions greater or equal to 1.10.4 and less

than 1.11.0 require a "font" in the path. Also 1.11.2 requires this, but not 1.11.1.

Fix logic to retrieve the Boostrap Icons CSS path:

the situation is even more slippery than thought, as it seems the new "font" path was discontinued for versions 1.11.0 and 1.11.1, then reintroduced in version 1.11.2. We can only speculate what logic will follow the next version, so for now we assume the new path will stay and just skip the two outlier versions.

Update comment

avoid double quoting

Fix typo

Form widget attributes reform:

- consolidate the logics to merge tag attributes coming from the adp and the tcl definitions of widgets into a private api

- change the previous behavior of having attributes coming from the adp (aka the tag_attributes argument) take over attributes coming from the element

See https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5799349

Revert in order to provide a meaningful log message

*** empty log message ***

Cut-off version for the added font folder seems to be 1.11.1, newer versions seem to now provide a minified css

cluster setup: use qualified location as well for the local host

improved spelling

reduced verbosity

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Do not enforce that pictures are always different on desktop screens, as they may be still for longer than the average picture interval

Add type=oneof to Serializer exportMethods

Many thanks to Sebastian Scheder and Günter Ernst

added new flag to util::join_location to avoid removing the default port

this addresses the bug reported by Jonathan Kelley in the openacs.org Q&A forum

provide qualified_location for incoming join requests

Many thanks for Jonathan Kelley reporting this problem

Simplify oneof filters to not depend on other api

Port of downstream modification:

retrieve comment and achieved from the dict separately to improve robustness

Add missing javascript file

file inclass-exam.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Port of downstream feature:

when rendering the exam protocol for teachers, allow to filter and sort questions and provide export buttons to supported formats.

Out of the box, submissions can be exported in csv. Via the optional Tcl package OOXML (https://fossil.sowaswie.de/ooxml) submissions can also be exported in .xls format.

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Fix syntax of new oneof value checker

upgraded to upstream version 11.2.0

Furthermore, the global admin page got an additional link for the changelog of highcharts.

Bumped version to 0.3.

bumped version number of upstream package to 1.11.2

Do not override existing classes on the submit button

Many thanks to Jonathan Kelley for reporting the issue

Do not pass the __csrf_token via return_url when the user is not logged-in

Passing the token seems to cause problems with web vulnerability scanners, that poison

the token value. The value of passing the token value for unregistered users

is questionable.

If this change is kept, it should go as well to the openacs-bootstral3.theme.

Only allow valid formats for conversion

Validate nls_language so that the only values allowed are existing enabled locales

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