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Modernize code

- use dict instead of Tcl array

- prefer char operations instead of match operations

Fixes for Oracle 19c: boolean and timestamp handling

- a clause "true" is invalid in Oracle SQL (using "1=1" is fine).

- function "now()" does not exist, use "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" instead

- addressing all attributes in a join via "*" is not allowed, when other

attributes are used as well. Using e.g., "bt.*" is OK.

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minor cleanup to make code more consistent

avoid deprecated commands

Fixes for Oracle 19c: boolean and blob handling

The original SQL query contained boolean values, and did not handle

blobs, which are used int the Oracle data model for the content


differentiate between directly and indirectly covered API calls to make output pages easier to interprete

added file content checker for zip, gzip and dump imports

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The reorder_box must always be treated as a multiple field

Enforce boolean expressions, rather than specific values such as "t" or "1"

Improve keyboard usability: focus the comment textarea when the modal opens and focus back on the comment button when the modal closes

Account for the scrollbar when enlarging the image

Enlarge images to fullscreen when one clicks on them

remove one more case where assumption was that permission returns int

Make use of util::file_content_check and check also in other cases

This change also covers the case, where the checkmark for uploading

zip files was added marked in "upload file". It will also report

errors which were silently swalled before.

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d1

util::file_content_check: new utility for checking content of a file

Check whether the provided file is of the requested type.

This function is more robust and protable than relying on

external programs and their output, but it does not work on

all possible file types. It checks a few common cases that

could lead to problems otherwise, like when uploading archives.

Bump version to 5.10.1d9

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minor changes: don't complain about postgres internal constraint names, provide hints for oversizing

Don't set height explicitly

Fix filtering condition, improve doc

Explicitly set the :plugin <variable>

more cases, use same testing idiom for permissions everywhere, break overlong lines

fix test cases

revert last change of Antonio, since this kills Oracle again

It is not clear, which code needs integer as results for Boolean results.

If there is such code, it should handle this requirement locally.

Include the supplied text_id among the fields we should replace

Support the extraPlugins attribute the same as the CKEditor4 richtext formfield, as some places in xowiki assume it

provide value attribute

Reintroduce cast to integer using a portable idiom

Prefer cached API

improve input validation

added validator for zip files

Fixes for Oracle 19c: more fixes of handling of Boolean values