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Don't break the page cyclus protocol if not necessary.

There is no need to call ad_script_abort in a situation,

where the local installation is broken.

Modernize parameter parsing (query and includelet paramters)

- handle invalid UTF-8 exception that might be triggered by

"ns_parsequery" in newer versions of NaviServer

- the new code is about 4 times faster than the old one

- replaced array by dict

- don't create helper procs on the fly but use "nsf::parseargs" if possible

- added icanuse rules for

* "nsf::parseargs -asdict"

* "ns_parsequery -charset"

make function private

New test to detect smells of hacking in the code, raising a warning when certain smelly keywords are found

take out for the time being the pool question as parts of the composite question

describe_form: describe components of a copound test item rather than the container

Trap errors happening when taking the picture, potentially dependent on the specific hardware/sowftware setup of the user, and abort the session in this case

Prefer the more modern api and fallback on the old idiom to support older NaviServer versions

list covered test cases

improve description of package parameters

protect against a potential division by zero

improve comment

align to the usual naming convention (use "_not_cached" suffix)

mark uncalled function as deprecated

revert escaped debug output

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streamline and extend test cases for resolving in composite items and in preview workflows

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streamline substitution handling

Perform same substitutions as in other test-item workflows.

improve robustness for partial exams

Address issue with .SELF. references in exams (xowf)

Since it is the goal of the exams to store all resources directly

under the questions, handling extra .SELF. references (which are

inserted by a downstream plugin for CKeditor) do not make sense. A

probably cleaner solution to this is to configure the CKeditor

to omit the .SELF. references in these cases.

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Fix typo in message key, many thanks to Monika Andergassen

Make the test stricter: name the files all different so that their existance in the src of an img tag is certain for each of them

Cleanup redundant definition

Fix regression: do not issue the call when there are no headers

added test case for SELF referemce

address (partly) the issue with .SELF. links in exams

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Added convenience function ::xowiki::test::get_content

This function eases testing by just retrieving the content part of a

page, leaving out header and footers of the theme.

whitespace changes

improve spelling

extended regression test

- show difference between [[image:...]] and [[.SELF./image ...]]

- cleanup test

cleanup test

use more compact idioms, remove useless code, etc.