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improve readability of generated HTML

added "@see" to deprecated proc

improve warning message

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get rid of legacy message key "menu-Clipboard-Copy"; "menu-Clipboard-Use-Copy" is used since several years instead

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Remove unopened tag

Quote URL in the redirect

Whitespace cleanup

Test ::xowf::Package proc create_new_workflow_page

Mark api as tested

Test content::item::content_is_null public api, which has immediately found a typo

improved prepared-statement handling

- avoid separate SQL statement for testing, whether prepared statement

exists already in the SQL session.

- use true SQL session-id (obtained via "ns_pg pid") when available

- improve source code documentation

added @see tags for deprecated commands

ease tracking of warnings of check_deprecated test

This change actually needs the newest api-doc, but we can't add the cyclic dependency

- improved tab handling

- revive api_proc_link, paramertize it properly

switch to new lintian typo dictionary, adapted to the new format

added icanuse for "ns_pg pid"

beautify output with changed rendering in Firefox 96

remove statement used for testing

use the same idiom everywhere ("create_components" can now handle empty lists)

handle empty list elements in spec_list of "create_components"

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initialize variable for error cases

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use the forwarder as a forwarder...

change default to per-user-shuffling

re-introduce check for empty string to avoid an empty list entry in the spec

fix typo

Make sure configuration is applied consistently to all of the multiple instances of the chat class (add message, subscription, login...) that are involved in a conversation

This fixes certain options such as login and logout message not being applied correctly

added "convert_to_external" for Compound fieds, save result of convert_to_internal in the form-field value

generalize locales with a decimal point as comma, extend test with repeated form fields

Update localization

Bring back de_DE as language in the test