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fix typo

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add publish status to default list of columns in child-resources

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Fix typo

complete query variables

prettify API browser rendering for nx methods

- remove redundant doc block

- remove indentation

make sure, no commented out code is added to the proc doc

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beautify labels of ensemble methods in object browser

added support for NX ensemble methods

remove incorrect and misleading comment and simplify code accordingly

set the global variable ::acs::kernel_id early enough during boostrap of new instances, such it can be used in a uniform way

improve comment

refresh also "registered_users_of_package_id", which seems required on some (?) sites

correct variable name

improve documentation

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Made passing of "-object" to atjob optional.

When there is no object specified, use the global en:atjob-form

object as parent.

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improve spelling

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Added a ".donecallback" in addition to "-wait" for async operations (via atjobs)

When a "-donecallback" is specified, it is fired when either the async

operation status is "succeeded" or leads to an error. The operation

status is added as additional argument to the callback (it might be a

dict for unexpected replies from MSGraph).

The additional argument was added to the methods

- team archive

- team clone

- team create

- team unarchive

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make package requiring more robust (there seems one more issue with assumptions about loading order, we should use bson lib)

MSGraph: added a "-wait" option for async operations

this concerns the methods

- team archive

- team clone

- team create

- team unarchive

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MSGraph: added built-in support for pagination

By default, MSGraph returns for a query just the first 100

results ("pagination"). To obtain more results, it is

necessary to issue multiple requests. If "-max_entries" is

specified, the interface tries to get the requested

number of entries. If there are less entries available,

just these are returned.

The parameter -max_entries was added to the following calls:

- group list

- group member list

- user list

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Factor out common code, which is not specific to Microsoft Graph

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file rest-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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deactivate grammarly as well, when spellcheck is turned off for textarea

uadded team archive/unarchive operations

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experimental support for the Microsoft Graph API (e.g. for teams integration)

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file ms-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Comment out code that was broken since its very introduction 21 years ago

Whitespace cleanup

Flag api as private

Streamline idiom