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prefer var over proc

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removed further "global" statments

improved listing of covered procs

added minor debugging aids, make disk-cache more similar to ns_cache

Reduced number of "global" statements (which are often not used and probably leftovers from ancient times)

Add explicit version dependency on 'acs-lang'

Comment command that won't be defined in upstream codebase

improve type setting

For whatever reason, spaces are missing in the final .adp files

improve typesetting

reduce redundancy in adp file

pass selected categories from top-level overview to per-package tests

fix broken test category handling

previously, the exclusion categories were provided as categories, but the "real" categories could not be selected. An in case they were selected via query-parameter, filtering was broken.

improve comments

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provide an analysis method for cleared input (callable for swas via method blank-inputs)

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provide means to show submissions of students per test item

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allow to specify max upload size in configuration file in KB or MB

Reduce duplication:

index and update_index were in fact implementing a upsert logic. Modern sql allows to write this in a single query and merge the two apis into one. Replace reference in the service contracts as well.

file upgrade-5.10.0d5-5.10.0d6.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Bring the implementation of the "Search" operation of the "auth_search" service contract in line with the operation's definition by correcting the returned value ("username" instead of "user_id") and restricting the search to the local authority.

Fix typo

Handle correctly the indexing of moderated messages in fulltext search:

so far the fulltext search would also include unapproved messages and threads. With this reform we address this by:

- making sure unapproved threads are deleted from the index

- making sure new threads are added to the index only when the are approved

- making sure we unindex or reindex a thread whenever the approval state changes

- not fetching unapproved messages in the datasource callback, hence excluding them from the index

Note that Oracle has not been targeted by the reform. However, the situation improves for Oracle as well, because we won't render unmoderated messages in the datasource callback anymore.

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file upgrade-1.4.0d3-1.4.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

improve spelling

Streamline idiom: we are only interested in the user ids

Fix typo in comment

When sending a notification on behalf of a person, if the system is not configured to process replies to notification, do not set the reply-to address to anything different than the sender

Prefer api to hardcoded urls

Address long standing todo: view news_items_live_or_submitted is defined for oracle exactly as the "workaround query" was doing, that is, from cr_revisions.content column

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Whitespace changes

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Don't display an empty list element when comment_url is empty