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fix spelling

add explicit casts to all max_n_rels with value null to increase readability and to ease function disambiguation

add explicit cast to all max_n_rels with value null to increase readability and to ease function disambiguation

Make package installable on current codebase, fix obious issues with ancient outdated api

fix typo

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Undo change from 15 Dec, since it breaks shuffling

the Linux Documentation Project recommends to write "lowercase" as a single word

perform a more sane test to check, whether the util_memoize cache was created already

fix for issue #3448

Don't rely on configured "location" value of driver, since this does not work for virtual hosting

Instead, get the "host", "port" and "defaultport" directly from "ns_driver info" when available

"ns_driver info" has no key "host", but "address" (which might be multiple addresses)

ensure workflow actions are updated properly, depending on the user role

improve comments

fix propagation of validate results in old-style (ad_form-based) forms. One should really switch to FormPages soon.

stylistic changes

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stick to standard package as default (as we had over many years)

adding support for downloading different packages per ckeditor version

Exclude deprecated procs from the test

Add missing parameter in doc

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Define arguments so that documentation__check_parameters automated test does find -varname flag correctly

Fix typo in proc doc

remove empty descriptions from display, remove deactivated CSS class.

Improved handling of link and child resources of forms

- test-item-procs: use resolve context to resolve e.g. images in the context of the original form

(many thanks to Thomas Renner for the suggestion)

- added extra argument "-context_obj" to substitute_markup to ease client code

- inclass-exam-answer.wf: reduced the db interactions by using form_info for form generation

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Fix typos

Fix priority check in 'acs_mail_lite_inbound_procs_check' test case

moved span inside button (as suggested by Monika Andergassen)

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warn about unexpected entries (typos) in EmailDeliveryMode

New index on on rss_gen_subscrs(lastbuild)

file upgrade-0.5d1-0.5d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

New index on chat_transcripts(room_id)