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improve spelling

provide a hint to make potential upgrade problems more clear

improve wording

Provide fallback for easing upgrade form OpenACS 5.9.1 (or earlier) to 5.10

handle toplevel and other forms as well

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    • +39
variable constraint "integer" not supported in xotcl

added support call for unifying forms

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    • +51
- integration of inclass-exam with personal notifications

- new (comnposite) includelet "exam-top-includelet"

- new www-calls for workflows:

* inclass-exam.wf:

. send-participant-message

* inclass-exam-answer.wf:

. message-poll

. message-dismiss

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d23

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    • +60
- added support for personal notifications (as used by inclass exam):

The notification system has the following features:

. lecturer can send individual messages to participants of an ongoing exam

. message is sent by clicking on a participants name in the participant list

. student can receive one or many notification messages

. notification messages have to be confirmed, otherwise they are displayed always

. non-confirmed notification messages are sticky, i.e. the are displayed also

when a user changes to some other question.

. three different urgency levels for messages

. built around an includelet

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d59

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file personal-notification-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

fix typo

As the doc says, use the uncached version to retrieve the package instance

fix filtering logic

improve spelling

provide scaleable version for managing unmounted instances for pg12

Comply with acs-tcl.naming__proc_naming automated test

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Whitespace changes

Add basic doc to public api

Whitespace changes

Redefine foreign key constraints on the na_aggregators table so that there won't be need for package uninstantiation callbacks (as found downstream)

No need to explicitly delete permissions

Fix typo in drop script

Move upgrade scripts in the proper directory

Redefine foreign keys as on delete cascade to avoid having callbacks around to delete bulk mail messages on package deletion

file upgrade-2.10.0d1-2.10.0d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Fix typo

Port of downstream feature: cleanup properly everything related with a calendar package instance before deleting (e.g. calendar item types)

This might be superseded by just plain referential integrity, taking care also of the oracle part, in a future moment

Look for the truth

Skip upgrade attempts when the package is installed and disabled

Avoid skipping datamodel scripts during initial installation