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Bring back de_DE as language in the test

Use double quotes consistently in comment

Extend automated test with usage of a numeric formfield in the context of a compound field, use it_IT as the locale to check against, as upstream de_DE has also the dot separator like en_US

Ease the transition from no_empty to no_cache flag on this public api

provide test case for the form-field "numeric" with switching the lanuage preferences

- added anchor title for configuration button

- reduced verbosity

avoid errors on attacks against request header field "Upgrade-Insecure-Requests"

fix message for deprecated folder

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Fix typo: pretty_link needs the name of the page, rather than the object itself

Improved configurability of inclass exam

- added modal window for showing all configuration options

- depending on the state of an exam (whether students have stated

working on the exam or not) different options can be

altered. E.g. the grading scheme can be adjusted at any time, since

it is not visible to students prior to exam review.

- improved configurability of form-fields:

. new feature: fc_repository for shared definitions

(can be reused in the same configuration on multiple occasions)

. when form-constraints are defined with an empty short-spec,

the system tries to look this up from the fc_repository.

- extended answer manager:

. new method: student_submissions_exist

. renamed methods

. "student_submissions" -> "submissions"

(since result my include as well test run results)

. "get_answers" -> "get_answer_attributes"

to better distinguish from "submissions"

- base "merge_constraints" on dicts

- prefer forwarder over instance variable for referring

the question manager(QM)

- extended Message keys with "Configuration"

- added missing German translations in message keys

- bump version to 5.10.1d17

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improve comment

make use of "from_cache_indicator" for the per_request_cache in instantiate_forms

output warning for unexpected input

whitespace changes

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Various small improvements:

- Page->content_header_append/content_header_get: new methods to

include HTML content before the form. One use case ist to include

additional forms this way, since these cannot be included in the

main form of a FormPage. The additional content is displayed in the

www-view method.

- FormPage->create_form_fields_from_names: new convenience function to create

form-fields via their names. The definitions of the named form-fields are

taken from the provided form_constraints. This function is useful when

only a subset of the form-constraints definitions should be used

to create form-fields.

- improve comments

- improve argument checking on parent_id to be able to provide better

error messages

- reduce usage of regexp for performance reasons

- improve spelling

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Improved handling of pages with parent_id == 0 (which come from site-wide pages)

Provide warning, when pretty_link is called on such pages.

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Perform a full initialize on both packages to get ::xo::cc initialized

prefer call of "pretty_link" on package_id to avoid suprises on pages from shared locations

Extended LockfreeCache:

- Feneralized flag "-no_empty" of "LockfreeCache eval" to "-no_cache LIST"

The provided list can contain multiple values that should not be cached.

- The new parameter "-from_cache_indicator" can be used to return information

whether the returned value was returned from the cache or not.

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Provide an exception in case get_instance_from_db is called with an invalid argument combination.

Added convenience methods "::xo::db::CrClass->ensure_item_ids_instantiated"

Add the root folder id to the cache key so that when one does not specify any parent_id, the method still reacts to a package being uninstantiated or the root folder messed around with

Fixes xowiki automated tests when run all together in the same request

factor out common code

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make listing more compact

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Port reform that replaces publish status display from a png to a character + css style to the xowiki/admin/list

The behavior of the default table widget had to be adapted to reflect that of the bootstrap one: css class from the line is appended to that from the field definition

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provide as well a minimal compatibility for "-size" parameter on ns_baseunit

use ns_baseunit for time span calculation

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added a partial backwards compatibility implementation of for ns_baseunit (as used in request processor)

move broken procs based on undefined function to decprecated procs and comment it out

correct comment

use per-request cache for relatively expensive operation, which is called potentially often per request

We might consider in the future a longer lasting cache for "global" form pages.