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Update italian localization

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Delete duplicated message keys

Update message keys

Remove leftover translation

Update italian localization

Update italian message keys

Update message key

Update message keys

Port of downstream fix: make sure the encoding for the proxied interpreter is the same as the main interpreter

Fixes acs-tcl.exec_binary_input automated test

Many thanks to Nathan Coulter

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Port of new automated test exposing that with certain system encodings, proxied exec will not behave as the regular exec with respect to line translation

Many thanks to Nathan Coulter

file proxy-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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fix passing of question number

fix function of formfield numeric: convert_to_internal_value

Use "latest_revision" as revision_id for the newly created news-item when it is created with "is_live_p" set to false

file upgrade-5.10.0d3-5.10.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

improve comment

Added substitution values for short text answers

This change adds the possibility to provide randomized substitution values to short

text questions via value sets.

Value sets are a means for a content developer to provide multiple matching answers which are inserted into the text before an exercise is shown to the end user. One can e.g. provide for a calculation exercise several input and some output values, such that the students get different calculation exercises provided. These values can also be used for the correct-when clauses.

The content developer can use percent-code delimited elements when defining the exercise:


Assume, you want to download a %x.what% with the size of %x.size% over a %x.type% connection with a rate of %x.rate% from %univ%.


and also in "correct when"




the value sets can be provided via an extra field for the short-text questions and have the form

of a Tcl dict:


univ {WU-Vienna TU-Vienna "University of Vienna"}

x {

{type "ADSL" rate "256 kbit/s" size "235 MB" secs 5300 what "Powerpoint file"}

{type "ADSL" rate "512 kbit/s" size "5.6 MB" secs 91 what "PDF file"}

{type "4G" rate "80 Mbit/s" size "270 MB" secs 27 what "PDF file"}

{type "4G" rate "40 Mbit/s" size "650 MB" secs 32 what "Lecturecast Video" }

{type "5G" rate "1 Gbit/s" size "520 MB" secs 4 what "Powerpoint file" }

{type "5G" rate "1 Gbit/s" size "1.5 GB" secs 12 what "Lecturecast Video" }



In this example, every student will get a randomly chosen value for the university (%univ%)

and matching elements containing the answer (e.g. download time of "270 MB" over "80 Mbit/s" is 27 seconds).

The download time is used in the correct when part, such that auto-correction can be applied.

When a student answers this exercise, the system provides random choices that are substituted in the text.

For every variable ("univ", "x", ..) different random values are used for the student.

Certainly, for other students, other numbers and results will be provided.

Note, that this value sets can be used for numeric an non-numeric exercises.

Current limitations:

- only defined for short-text questions (can be in general also for other question types)

- no elaborate user interface for entering value sets (or a thorough validator) is provided.

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Mention covered api

Do not treat invalid integers as if they were the empty string

Provide an api to delete proctoring folders, extend regression tests

avoid call to deprecated function, simplify code

make procs public, since these have to be called from pages of other packages

provide default value for storage_type for in-memory created items

extend regression test: check, whether pages call deprecated code or private functions of other packages

make tcl_to_html public

Merge queries together

added function "xowiki::randomized_index"

extended regression test

bumped version to 5.10.0d75

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added instance variable storage_type

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reduce font sizes

add debugging output for migration phase

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