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Provide an api to delete proctoring folders, extend regression tests

avoid call to deprecated function, simplify code

make procs public, since these have to be called from pages of other packages

provide default value for storage_type for in-memory created items

extend regression test: check, whether pages call deprecated code or private functions of other packages

make tcl_to_html public

Merge queries together

added function "xowiki::randomized_index"

extended regression test

bumped version to 5.10.0d75

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    • +2
added instance variable storage_type

    • -2
    • +6
reduce font sizes

add debugging output for migration phase

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    • +8
Check if the subscription exists before deletion

use test user_id instead of current user for running tests

added storage_type to xowiki_form_instance_item_view

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Added two types of grading schemes (in addition to "exact") to ordering exercises:

- "position": count elements as correct, when these are on the correct position

- "relative": count elements as correct, if the neighboring element is correctly before the actual element

The results are adjusted by the same guessing correction as in the "ggw" scheme for MC exercises.


- desired order: 1,2,3,4

- provided answer: 3,1,2,4

- scheme "exact": 0%

- scheme "position": 0 0 0 1

- scheme "relative": 0 1 1 (correctly ordered 1<2 and 2<4)

A minor refactoring was also performed to ease code reuse.

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include totals in test case listing, use proper thead and tfoot elements

Deal with 'search' input types, that are not in the 'form-control' class, in Bootstrap 3. See CSS comment for details.

Whitespace changes

Use input type 'search' in search widget

Add basic include contract

make "util_close_html_tags" public since it is called from public pages

make "dt_get_info" public since it is used from other packages

Remove extra url decoding, ns_parsequery embeds it already

Remove extra decoding ns_parsequery provides it already

Revert usage of builtin commands, as we need a specific decoding for oauth, not the urldecoding ns_parsequery embeds

Aolserver/Naviserver builtin ns-parsequery already embeds URL decoding

Add 'fs_create_folder_using_api' test case, covering the 'fs::get_root_folder', 'fs::new_folder', 'fs::get_folder', 'fs::folder_p', 'fs::delete_folder', 'fs::rename_folder' and 'fs_get_folder_name' procs

Whitespace changes

Fix typo

Use the new 'url' input type widget. Bump version number for dependency