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Making call to relation_add (on pages parties/new and users/new) not use the form_id and variable_prefix switches as doing so would make package_instantiate_object look for a rel_id in the form which wasn't there. This is analogous to fix in version 1.5 of groups/new.

Another attempt at getting the outer join right

Allow reordering of roles

Fixed ticket #55: duplicate characters when assigning carachters to roles

Fixed ticket #47: Sending messages to characters instead of roles

Fixed broken div'ification

Fixed broken commit of index page, which was a full hard-coded page

Typo in message

Fixed ticket #59: onmouseover tag of role delete reads edit

Remove extra whitespace before and around query to make more space on the page

Cosmetic fix: Section headers had bad placement of the parens

Minor HTML fix in news-aggregator/www/index

Bumped news-aggregator version to 0.8d:

- Support for item-level author and pubDate

- Data model support for title and show_description_p fields to subscriptions table

Support for item-level author and pubDate elements (news-aggregator)

Added pub_date field to item arrays (feed-parser)

Data model changes: Added author and pub_date fields to na_item__new (news-aggregator)

add evaluation-portlet and dotlrn-evaluation modules

evaluation package integrated with dotlrn

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portlets for the evaluation package

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open up commit for Jose Pablo Escobedo (e-lane, galileo)

Added catok ...

fixing bug 1809

- There's no consistent use of upper/lower case in the locale and language

columns of the ad_locales table so we need to do case insensitive searches.

- ad_locales defines the language column as char(3). Searches for 2-letter

language codes fail because (at least on PG) all 2-letter entries have a

trailing space in the database.

Handle instances where ad_locales does not contain the 2-letter language being


- improving ui

- replacing class_id with package_id

- fixing apm-callbacks

- integrating grades reports with dotnlrn (communities)

- removing unused procs

- adding javascript when uploading a group assignment

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SQL queries for assessment and section storage

Assesment and section parsing

Remove old comments from the xql transition.

Fix XPaths by finding nodes from the current node.

Added the following fields to the news-aggregator data model:

- author, comment_page and pub_date to na_items

- source_title and show_description_p to na_subscriptions