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bug 1712 - fixing name of postgresql sql directory

Use OS timezone for oracle timestamps instead of assuming GMT.

Put xml declaration at the top of PROPFIND responses.

- Added -form switch to ad_page_contract to let callers pass in a form ns_set specifically. This is useful when using ad_page_contract to validate includelets

- Removed unused -type switch to ad_page_contract

- This is a merge of the change on dotkul branch

Fix date formats for ultra-picky MS clients.

variables for HEAD/5.2

Oracle was throwing errors on the send_notification_to_bouncing_email query. It isn't smart enough to map the insert columns by name, so we have to enumerate them explicitly.

Copy content_length when copying a content_revision, otherwise copied revisions

end up with NULL content length.

Fixed bug 1677: One day view doesn't show items shorter than an hour and doesn't handle "dangling" minutes properly.

added LOGFORMAT for bug 1359

Fix handling of zero content length files in propfind to return 0.

Deleted a not needed closing else tag

Add callbacks to info file. Bump version number.

updating version numbers

    • -2
    • +2
  1. … 13 more files in changeset.

Add live revision to get_item_info query

bug 1068- fixing a bunch of small errors

file upgrade-2.0.2-2.0.3.sql was initially added on branch dotlrn-2-0.

file upgrade-2.0.2-2.0.3.sql~ was initially added on branch dotlrn-2-0.

bug 1068- changed the download links to include the title so the file extension and name is preserved. Also made the little gif clickable like it is in file storage

Fixed a simple bug in deprecated proc ad_admin_footer.

Adding irc-applet package to contrib/packages/, a simple package including a java applet for using an irc chat. The previous commit ended up in Attic/, I think because I had checked out with -rHEAD before, checking in again from a fresh checkout with the files copied over.

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Fix oracle query for get_id to use actual oracle syntax.

take out some of the debug stmts

Bug 1387 - an Oracle-style query had been left in the Tcl script

upgrade file

logic for updates setting draft were backwards in the search trigger, so publish instead deleted the indexed item rather than forcing an index

mime not mime_type for search datasources

typo in create stmt

acs-tcl version should have been d1 not d2

Added clarification that you'll need to edit nsd-postgres or

nsd-oracle script with path to Aolserver if you're not using

/usr/local/aolserver as the Aolserver directory.