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tree.increment_key() now does the lpadding for us

tune folder contents query

postgres does not like a certain flavor of table aliases

i had forgotten to commit some of the port to postgres changes

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fixing creation of site_node under postgres

more improvements to the site-node api

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site_nodes::mount_count was slow as shit replaced it with call to apm_num_instnaces

update cache on delete of node; new cache that maps between node_ids and thier respective urls

check inherit_p on dotlrn to see if we need to change it instead of setting it on every server restart

adding permission::inherit_p api

forgot to change portal_node_mappings in a few places

added upgrade scripts for Jun's changes

re-ordering queries in acs_permission.permission_p for performance's sake

moved portal::mapping api and data model from new-portal into the core, i.e.

into acs-tcl and acs-kernel. renamed it from portal::mapping to

site_node_object_map, since that is what it is. enjoy.

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fix postgres install

site-map now uses the site node apis where possible

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more of the new api

correct typo

new site node api (not done); new caching methodology; if something breaks let me know

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parent_name fix from Andrew

revamp with all the known installation issues

One of the index names was too long for oracle

Fixed SDM #1539 with patch #281

4.5 changes

Making a singleton like all the other applets

adding variation on function

Fix to dt_widget_list bug that showed the no item type multiple

times. From Andrew Grumet.

fixing calls to tree functions in postgres queries

Fixed SDM #1559 with patch #275

added PG support for new calendar API, and fixed front page to create a personal calendar for a user if he/she doens't have any