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adding license

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adding license text

using navigation procs

added docs

made the item addition template more consistent accross different views

some cleanup (not finished)

added PG support, thanks to Neophytos!

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adding an index to increase performance of some views

adding an index to make the registered_users view faster

added PG support, thanks to Neophytos!

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added PG support

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removed backup files

There was an error when trying to edit a spam that was either text or

html but not both, because I forgot to port the query spam_get_text to


cleanups and speedups

don't show groups that the user is not a member of on the workspace page

hack to have the workspace show any and all groups that the user is a member of, but

_nothing else_!

returned permission query to what it used to be

oh, they don't want to see subgroups in the workspace.

refactoring get_subcomm_chunk links

use yon's new list_of_ns_sets stuff

fixup dereg link right this time, and some other UI

added subgroup membership management

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Changed the referer for the get_subcomm_chunk "register" link to the current

location. So when you hit the link, go don't go anywhere.

don't justify stuff - NEEDS work!

improved get_subcomm_chunk to handle pending memberships


added display procs support for PG

added PG support for new calendar procs

fixed creation user bug

fixed pg queries