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User site-map support

Checking if user site-wide-admin to show a link

User email changed with email_image

Adding line to call the creation of the package

Display of email replaced with email_image proc call

Context bar and Allow button modified

Fixing problem with variable reference

Fixing problem with vaiable reference

Linkto a page to mange users email privacy level added

miguelm karma to openacs-4/packages/acs-admin

New version that supports email substitution whith an image, and allows users to choose if they want it or not

Allows users to choose their emali privacy level

@ Symbol

    • binary
Allows to send an email message with out showing the destinatary email

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    • +12
Shows user email-image

Manage the PrivateEmailLevelP parameter to set the privacy level of the users email

email-imaeg procs that support the creation of an image instead of showing the email as text

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    • +331
    • -0
    • +66
Addign apm callbacks for upgrade and for install to support email-image

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    • +41
fixed breakage due to back button; fixed lost simultanous edits; added nospells to forms

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fixed date bug

remove --verbose from postcommit

trivial change to test

make postcommit verbose

Commit for assessment to Natalia Perez Perez nperper at it.uc3m.es

Fix content_folder__is_subfolder pl/sql. Also fix tcl proc which was

passing in the wrong list format to package_exec_plsql. Add upgrade

script and tests.

file upgrade-5.1.5d1-5.1.5d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

file content-folder-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Sigh Oracle has really weird rules about "*" and duplicate column ids

that cause it to fail if you wrap "select *" as "select p.* from (select *) p"

Yet another fix to pagination ... getting there...

Ahem. Pagination might work now ... it didn't really before.