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file hide-email.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

file hide-email.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

revert the requirement of -name being required in the API to prevent code duplication in the QTI parser (anyway name is still required in the data model)

Fix bug in the code to hide tasks: parameter name was incorrectly specified.

Committed fix to bug 2210, courtesy of Jeff Wang. I included an

upgrade script as well, which I hope works.

Default to AND

Default to AND saerch if no operator is specified

change in queries

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remove file

changes in queries

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Query cleaning regexp needs to retain spaces

change as_items.definition to cr::description to use CR functionality

add calendar feature based on javascript

unless specified default to show all the feedback

fix: change abs_size to html_display_options

Applied patch 584. Closed bug 1783

Fixed edit link to organizations.

Add in xml.gif to doc page which shows all the images.

Add ability to add extra information to email alerts.

ecommerce uses dt_interval_check, and so requires acs-datetime

file evaluation-portlet.de_DE.ISO-8859-1.xml was added on branch oacs-5-1 on 2005-06-08 22:35:40 +0000

Added german translation

i18n updates from Natalia Perez <nperper@it.uc3m.es>

Specify default for config in headline call.

Added tsearch-driver as module.

ec_price_price_name_shipping_price_tax_shipping_tax_for_one_item was erroneously calculating regular shipping for cases where item(s) are to be picked up.

the former commit left the code broken

missing assessment-types-create.sql script to source

alfredw changed the CR TCL API (we tought it was stable)

alfredw changed the CR TCL API (we tought it was stable)