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Fixing the display of messages for forums in flat mode:

1. Removing buttons "expand", "collapse" ( flat mode and threaded mode ).

2. Showing messages ordered by input.

3. Showing messages in "flat" mode.

4. Removing "Replay" button.

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Return a complain when no keywords to search for have been entered

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Adding more categories helper procedures

changed import of page instances to update references to page templates on updating imports as well. Last version handled only initial imports.

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fixing name validator, which should never return ""

Made sure that we preload the non acs-subsite packages mounted under root

If you add www. to the hostname it should still work with the hostename based node mapping

zenifying: removing inline styles, providing alternative ways to navigate through the course when there is no javascript nor css styles

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fixed some problems with constraints

autonaming of anonymous (unnamed) entries during export to avoid potential name clashes on target systems

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don't double-validate names when they are not changed (can lead to prefix adding)

creation: load the reading_info script

file export.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:25 +0000

handling export of selected objects, include always object required for the selection to avoid surprises

adding bulk-action for export

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supporting multi-valued attributes

providing support for bulk actions

adding variable unread_or_new_query to allow reading_info feature

port to oracle and a small display change

The username is not always an email. So, lets use the email instead for sending the mail

Removing unused-deprecated ad_choice_bar (only used in contrib/obsolete-packages/library) and search::choice_bar (not used) procs

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commenting a method, fixing a function for pageinstances

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last shot (for now) of html cleanup. choice_bar replaced by a multirow to be able to apply styles at template level and produce valid HTML

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cleanup (triggered by unknown handler)

Added setting the default language correctly when adding a new page

added tree_id_from_object title

zenifying (removing blockquote used for formatting effects)

Insert forums-reading-info-drop to drop