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I18N: adding support for handy interpolation of variables into localized messages from tcl files by using upvar

Adding links to message catalog translation UI from site-wide admin page and from the locale preference page for users, adding explaining text to translation UI

Made message URLs be of the form "forums/<forum>/message/<message_id>"

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Added code to deal with trailing /'s so links wouldn't get screwed.

Fixed some minor details.

Initial index.vuh to give forums the ability to respond to "pretty" URLs,

i.e.: /forums/openacs (instead of /forums/forums-view?forum_id=34245) and

/forums/56803 instead of /forums/message-view?message_id=56803.

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allow html in external link descriptions

Applied patch #503 to fix bug #1914: Problem with posted_date and timezones

added the danish locale - OpenACS now supports danish...

removed the locale master template that the acs-lang admin pages were using

added the danish locale

fix line endings

add missing query for get_response_info

add missing query for do_notifications.get_response_info

Fixing bug 1913. Disallow link checking on bookmarks you do not have (delete) rights on.

fix context for Entire Thread

context fix, sort by unformatted date, dont display seconds

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require user to be a registered user to forward a forum message, fix context bar

update info file

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remove unused xql file

Applied patch #500 for SDM # 1912 from Ken Kennedy: Can't change bookmark parent_id

I18N: added SQL statement for updating a catalog message that was missing for PostgreSQL

I18N: when done with message tag replacement which adds new messages to the system - reload the cache so the new messages are immediately accessible

during internationalization of adp:s and tcl files, when adding a key to the message catalog file, also add it to the database so the two are in sync

the check that lookups in adp and tcl files are in the catalog file was broken because of a quoting mistake - fixed

back out Bens changes per bug 3

make link forward rather than email to prevent brain confusion for crb

ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration for posting

fix stupid get_pages error

fixed the paginator get_pages proc which would break when pages < groupsize, added query name to error for missing CURRENT_PAGE_SET message